Moon Stone

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The moon is considered to be one of the most soothing influences in our modern life. Moonstone, linked to the moon, is seen in much the same way.Traded between couples or worn on your own, it's a balancing stone with a very relaxing effect on most people. It instills feelings of composure in those who wear it, as well as peacefulness, and its milky appearance makes for great accessorizing.Moreover, however, it also brings about feelings of power and stability, like you can weather any emotional storm you come up against.Moonstone makes you more receptive towards nurturing, meaning you'll be less closed off from other people. Often times, the only way to progress through an emotional tumult is with someone's help. Moonstone will help you recognize and accept that help.Balancing your emotions doesn't always have to be about happiness and sadness. Another very important emotion to recognize and incorporate is desire.As peacefulness and relaxation thrive, the brain can fall asleep faster each night, without all the worry and restlessness that kept it up. Keep a blue moonstone underneath your pillow at night to help ease you off to sleep.This has further benefits for people suffering from sleepwalking episodes.


Wearing a moonstone talisman around your neck at night will give you the calm you need to stay in bed or return as soon as possible after getting up.Children with hyperactivity who can't sleep at night also stand to benefit from this stone's calming powers.An unexpected benefit relating to this comes from rainbow moonstone. Thisparticular stone aids in sleep, but, also, in lucid dreaming. Acting as a prism, rainbow moonstone diffuses energy around you, creating a rich aura in which you feel clear of mind.