Lapis Lazuli/Lajward

Devansh gemstone Sale gemstone certified from IGL LABORTARY, ISO 9001-2008 certified trade marked lab(GOVT OF INDIA)

Lajward gem substitute of Blue sapphire After the retention of Lajward Gemstone. the malefic effects of Rahu, Saturn and Ketu diminishes and saves from misfortune. The person holding this is protected from Black magic, sorcery etc. It can be hold by any person.Benefits of holding Lapis Lazuli/Lajward Gemston

It cools the arrogant planets and removes the malefic effects. On the effects of Sade Satee, one can retain it. It can also be used as the remedy to Vaastu.

It ends the black magic and protects you from evil eyes.

This gem removes the obstacles from business and services and also diminishes Pitri Dosha and provides mental peace.

It is too beneficial to the holders. It enhances the self confidence among students and they concentrate more in studies.

Lajward Gemstone removes the depression and tension and improves the health.

Lajward Gemstone protects from accident when held.

Lajward Gemstone removes the Kaalsarp Dosha. On Saturday one has to hold it on silver rings on the middle finger of right hand.