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Panna stone is one of the most attractive gemstones and counted among the Big Three gemstones of the world namely Rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Pann stone is widely used in gem therapy and it is considered the gemstone corresponding to planet Mercury.Panna stone therefore stores the energies of Mercury and supplies the wearers in the required measures from time to time. If Mecury is placed favorably in your horoscope, you can tremendously benefit from wearing Panna stone in a ring or talisman.Panna is an extremely precious gemstone. The finest quality emeralds are extracted from the mines in Scotland and Zambia. The color of a Panna stone can vary from light green to dull green. Panna stone appearing highly transparent without any dark specks inside is the highest quality and is priced very high.Wearing panna sharpens the intelligence. Since intelligence is the domain of mercury, panna stone can help enhance an individual's understanding of life, taking a balanced stand and the ability to understand complex things of life with ease.Astrological medicine says panna has a lot of health benefits too. It can help you overcome speech difficulties and can remedy respiratory difficulties. It can also cure nervous disorders and allergies.