Sri Lanka Yellow sapphire

Devansh gemstone Sale gemstone certified from IGL LABORTARY, ISO 9001-2008 certified trade marked lab(GOVT OF INDIA)

Pukhraj Sapphire stone should be worn on Thursday morning during the shukla paksha. Wearing this stone

Which is the best metal to wear yellow sapphire with This yellow sapphire stone should be worn with either gold or silver ring to benefits of Jupiter. The gemstone should be plunged in the gangajal or milk in order to wash-off the impurities glued with this stone.

Burn five incense and round it for 108 times around the ring while reciting this mantra:

Thus, at last, we would like to add that wearing yellow sapphire does bring positive astrological results in your life only if this stone is worn following all the rules and rituals aesthetically.